Start A Timebank

One of our core puproses is to help individuals, organizations and communities establish and run TimeBanks.

7 Steps to Creating your TimeBank

  1. Get together Collaborators
  2. Decide on boundaries/definition
  3. Hold information and visioning meetings
    • Partner organizations
    • Community centers
    • Block Clubs
  4. Form a core team (sometimes called a Kitchen Cabinet)
  5. Make decisions together
    • Do you want a 501(c)3 or fiscal sponsor?
    • Do you want to charge membership fees?
    • What will your name be?
    • How will you address problems in the future?
    • How will you onboard new members?
    • How will you communicate with members?
  6. Start recruiting members
    • Hold more informational events
    • Social events
    • Put the word out through the local press, social media, and e-mail newsletters
  7. Exchange and build community

MI Alliance of TimeBanks can provide resources, training, and support for all of these steps.

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Redefining Work – Some work is beyond price

Ten Tips for TimeBank Success

  1. Bring members together at regular social events. Food is a great way to boost attendance!
  2. Encourage members to help with the administration and decision-making roles of the TimeBank. This gives the Exchange energy, makes local connections, and shares valuable knowledge.
  3. An effective paid TimeBank Coordinator is a key factor in ensuring the successful growth of a TimeBank.
  4. Be creative! TimeBanks thrive through exchanges that join together needs and strengths of people, organizations, businesses and agencies in ways where everyone wins. Group projects and celebrations will bring a special energy to your TimeBank.
  5. Maintain a limited geographic area. This makes it easier to bring members together and exchange services.
  6. Encourage members to request services. The tradition of relying on each other has been lost in many communities, and people find it hard to ask. Try this: Give an award monthly for the member with a positive balance who has spent the most.
  7. Provide opportunities for members to contribute as soon after they join as possible. Be sure that new members who offer help are called on within the week – this is VERY important!
  8. Make user-friendly forms and materials
  9. TimeBanks thrive when members can dream together of group projects that strengthen the community and bring support for the TimeBank.
  10. Make plans for sustainability from the outset. Member support – through contributions of time, energy, or dues – is key for success.